Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Here!

I got to Haiti safely with an interesting flight including me holding my water bottle in my lap (it leaks and I didn't want it to leak on my bag) So I'm holding it and fall asleep and when I wake up the water bottle has leaked all over my front and it looked like I wet my pants on the plane. I was so afraid I would show up and still have a wet skirt and that that would be the first impression I made here...I'd be that girl. Luckily it dried.

Now I'm busy taking in everything I have to learn and trying to get acclimated as fast as I can and feeling slightly overwhelmed but I'm sure it will be fine in a couple weeks.

I will try and write more later once I have more to say

Monday, September 21, 2009


After being delayed a bit, I am leaving for Haiti this Saturday morning. I want to thank everyone for all of their help, donations and support throughout this process of fundraising and preparing to leave. It has been amazing to experience support in ways I couldn't imagine from both old friends, those I've only just met and even strangers. Leaving for Haiti, I know that I have a whole community of people holding me up so thanks to all of you!

And in case you all were curious about my fundraising, with all the help I received not only was able to meet my $10,000 obligation but it was surpassed! With the extra money I plan on creating somewhat of a discretionary account that I can use to support some sort of project of something that I come across once I’m in Haiti. I will be sure to sure what I end up using it for. It’s been amazing from donations from my home church St. Marks, to my moms in Elmhurst, from Chicago to Ottawa and Northbrook all the way out to Nebraska and West Virginia. Thanks again!

So now I find myself with just a few days before leaving at a chaotic time full of change for my family wondering why I’m leaving and going to Haiti of all places. The past few weeks have been a times full of questions, nerves anticipation, excitement and fear. I keep asking why is this the path that God seems to have laid out for me now, at this time and in this place.

Well yesterday I went to see the 6th Harry Potter movie, again, with my mom. At the beginning of the movie Professor Dumbledore takes Harry from his home to this disheveled house that looks a bit scary. Dumbledore looks to Harry and says You must be wondering why I brought you here.” At which Harry replies, “Actually sir, after all these years I just sort of go with it.”

Maybe now after all these years of incredible experiences in places like Sudan and Uganda I should take some advice from Harry and just go with it and trust God.

So hopefully next time you hear from me I’ll be safe in Haiti having met someone at the airport, gotten settled into my new home and enjoying my first few days. Thanks again for all your prayers and support.

Holding Haiti with thankfulness - Mallory