Sunday, October 11, 2009

A bit about my Job and Apartment

So I have been in Haiti a little more than 2 weeks and I wish I could tell you my daily routine and whatnot…but I don’t really have one yet, what with the different trips and the fact that classes at the seminary don’t start till Oct. 19.

But I have found out a bit more about what I will be doing and now that I have gotten settled in to my new apartment I can show you pictures of that too.

First... my job.

Jude (the other YASCer here), Kyle (a missioner who’s been in Haiti for a year and leaving soon) and Lauren (a missioner that will be working here for three years) met with Pere Oge Beauvoir, the dean of the seminary this week, to touch base and figure out mine and Judes responsibilities for the year and what not.

So here is a list of some of things I am going to attempt to do or make steps toward while I am here.

- I’ve been told I’m the Director of Development for the Seminary (yikes) so some things I’m thinking about working on are
- Increased housing for students, missioners, profs, etc
- Classrooms separate from the University
- Work on income generating activities:
- Possible progress towards a capital campaign and endowment
- Seminarian summer internships

-Teach English to Seminary Students as well as continue classes that have been occuring for various priests

-Improvement of Seminary’s Website

-Help with Diocesan Development Projects when possible

-Elementary School income activities

-Proposal and Grant Writing

-Possibly help with Teacher Trainings for the Bureau Anglican de l’Education en Haiti

-Children/Youth Christian Formation?

-Lay Leadership Training?

Other tasks as they come along…this is the list now but who knows what will actually end up happening.

But as you can tell from the list there is a lot going on here. I have quickly learned that people working for the Diocese of Haiti, wear many hats. Priests often times not only work at their churches but also run elementary and secondary schools as well as teaching a class at the seminary. So it seems in this sense I will be jumping right into the life and work of the diocese. Admittedly I feel like I am in a bit over my head, however I am looking forward to the challenge and am excited to start working….

BUT if you have any suggestions or ideas for anything or think you would like to be involved or of some help to me or have ideas for people to contact… I would really appreciate it. I may be the one working in Haiti but I see this as an opportunity where all of us can take part in mission and help other members of the Episcopal Church. So please do be in touch with me.

Now for my living Situation…

I live in a very nice 2 bedroom apartment that I will be sharing with 3 of the female seminarians. I have still have yet really to unpack and have been sharing the space with Kyle, who will be leaving Haiti in November.

The Apartment is on Ave. Christophe and is close to the Champs de Mars and is right next to the seminary and the Episcopal university as well at the L’Ecole St. Pierre. A couple of priests also live in the same building but I haven’t met them yet.

Here is a view of Ave. Christophe but the pictures really don't do the street justice because I took it on Sunday morning so there are a lot less people and cars. Also it might be a bit blury because I took them in a rush since my camera was drawing unwanted attention. But you can notice on the streets how cars park on the sidewalk. You might also see in the picture on the right, my neighborhood trash-can which makes taking the trash out very convenient. Also there is a picture of the apartment building.

My Front Door...its very secure!

When you first come into the apartment theres the living room with a desk, which at some point will be mine, and another one that the seminarians use.

There is also a hallway kind of area that has a washing machine (yes!)

The kitchen is big with nice sunlight and we just got a brand new gas top stove and a line to dry clothes on.

There’s a bathroom…I don’t have much more to say about it …its a bathroom

And there’s my bedroom which as you may be able to tell from the picture is still in transition a bit since we have had people visiting and what not. I am slowly starting to unpack and get settled in. I’m especially looking forward to buying some art to make the walls in my room more interesting. I also just want to point out the AC unit in the room…its amazing.

That's about it. It's really nice and I feel lucky to be living in such a comfortable space. Anyway now you know a little about where I live and what I’ll be doing. I hope to write more later about my routine and also what its like living in Port au Prince.

Please do stay in touch and let me know if you have any suggestions or are interested in getting involved with my work!


  1. Well it is clear that they have much to do! You have more 'hats' now than Sue Cromer! lol

    You will have to work on some prioritization with the 'higher ups' with a list that long. But knowing you, you will rise to the challange and wonderful things are bound to evolve. God is gracious!

    Your housing looks pretty cool! Glad to know you will have AC. Do you have access to the Internet from the apartment or do you have to go to the Seminary?

    BTW: I went to the web site and when I clicked on the Contact Us page, I was alerted that the page has a virus. Luckily my AVG blocked it. THe is likely an infected file on the web server that needs to be replaced.

  2. I love your fantastic little abode!
    I can relate to the kickin air conditioning!! We are so blessed!! It's hot outside but sooooo cool inside my flat :)

  3. Thanks Rick...I do get wireless from my apt!...Thanks for letting me know about the contact page I'll get someone to look into it...cause we all know my tech skills aren't good enough to figure that one out.

  4. Very excited about your work...I am looking into getting into such career...eventually. As of now are you guys familiar with the Foundation Center. It costs to register, but I have been told if all you need are funds a years subscription is less than $200 for access to 10,000 grants worth billions (not all but many are international). I think we can help each other out...meaning my team here with Kate and brittany) We are into some similar projects.
    Best of luck and many blessings continuing your settling in.

  5. The apt looks great Mallory! How's the food there? Hopefully it is better than Canadian food that almost killed you!! Looking forward to hearing more about your's and Jude's adventure!
    Miss you both!