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I started this blog in June 2009, while preparing to go to Haiti for a year with the Episcopal Young Adult Service Corps. I had mixed feelings about going to Haiti but within a couple of weeks it began to feel like home. I worked at the Episcopal Seminary in Port au Prince and you can read more about my work here and here.

Within a few weeks, Haiti began to feel like home. I created my own little group of friends who became family. My year of service in Haiti was cut short by the January 12, 2010 earthquake. That experience forever connected me to Haiti and even though I am currently no longer living in Haiti, I am still Holding Haiti and in so many ways I think Haiti is holding on to me too. If you want to read some of my posts about the earthquake you can read this post about a speech I gave at the Diocese of San Diego's Convention or this post from the 1 year anniversary that features an excerpt from my personal reflection of my experiences in the quake.

For the past couple of years I have been in DC working for the Episcopal Church and have tried to visit Haiti as often as possible. I recently left my job and have started graduate school where I am pursuing a Master's of International Development Policy. Going back to school has a lot to do with my experiences in Haiti, especially with the earthquake.

In this blog you will find stories from my various trips, my thoughts on things happening in Haiti, development and mission and hopefully posts from some of my friends in Haiti. It is my hope to show you the place that became a home and the people that are like family and can make me laugh harder than just about anyone else.

Me with some of my old English students after their ordination

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