Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I’m Going Back

but just for a short time.

Tomorrow I am leaving to go back to Haiti and will be there for about a week and a half. I’ll be going to help the missionary Lauren Stanley and basically do whatever I’m told while I’m there. I am really looking for ward to returning and seeing my friends again and people that I never had the chance to say goodbye to because I left in such a rush. I hope that maybe this trip could help me figure out a way to continue to go back to Haiti or even stay there again on a more long term basis.

I will be there for Easter Sunday. I was talking my neighbor and when I told her this she pointed out how symbolic it was that I would be there for Easter. A time of resurrection and new life and to see that so visibly in Haiti as relief efforts continue and the steps towards rebuilding begin.

I will also be able to be present for the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti’s Convention. It will be interesting to see what is discussed and to be honest I’m maybe more excited about the possibility of being able to see some of the priests I had met and hopefully some of the seminarians, who I spent so much time with while I was living in Haiti. Before the earthquake I was supposed to be at the convention to assist in different ways and I think its nice that I will actually still be able to do that now.

I’m also curious to see what changes have occurred since I’ve been gone. What ruble has been moved, how much has stayed the same. Admittedly I’m not exactly sure what to expect but it will be helpful to see for myself what has happened since the quake and I think it will help me with some of the presentations I still have left to give.

I’m sorry that I’m only just now telling you all about this trip but it all kind of came together pretty quickly and there were a few days where I couldn’t believe I was actually going so was hesitant to share the news. Looking back I would have loved to have shared the information with everyone earlier and perhaps ask for help gathering things to take to Haiti like tents bedding and toys. But thankfully from extra money that I fundraised last summer I was able to by a few tents, bedding, and toys to bring with me. So I have to thank all of you again who supported me and continue to support me.

Also just a heads up when I’m in Haiti I’m going to try and buy some art and hope to be able to have an auction to sell the art to raise money for rebuilding but its only an idea right now and I will have more information on that once I get back.

I’ll let you all know how everything goes. Talk to y’all later