Sunday, August 26, 2012

"If they come, we will have Mass to Thank God"

A friend of mine, Pere Jean Fils Chery, posted pictures of during and immediately after Isaac. He is a priest at a parish called St. Etienne up in the mountains. He gave me permission to share some of his pictures from yesterday.

Pere Jean Fil's house during the storm. 
Driving around Leogane

Driving around Leogane

Yesterday afternoon Pere Jean Fils told me that they were already trying to prepare to have church on Sunday even with many of the benches blown away or damaged. Another priest friend who works at a parish in Leogane said that many of the people in the area had lost everything. The tent that the parish worships in was completely destroyed. In spite of that he said he was still preparing for mass on Sunday saying "If they come, we will have Mass to thank God" 

*Pere Jean Fils writes a blog and you can check it out at You can also follow him on twitter @JeanFilsCHERY 

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